Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Expertise-A Global Force

Fincantieri Marine Repair (FMR) is a subsidiary of Fincantieri Marine Systems North America, a benchmark operator in ship maintenance, repair, overhaul and conversion for commercial and government markets. One of the company’s many strengths is its vast global network of repair facilities—shipyards located on four continents providing comprehensive services anywhere in the world.

FMR’s facility in Jacksonville offers remote vessel support at customer facilities, underway repair services and test/trials management. With years of experience in repairs to cruise ships, mega yacht, bulk tankers, workboats and military ships.

Customer service, our commitment to excellence, and an experienced team of professionals provide superior repair and maintenance service.

Exceptional Services on Demand

  • Vessel Dry Docking
  • Marine Travel Lift
  • Seven (7) Land Bays
  • Waterfront Wharfage
  • Vessel Class Inspections
  • Structural Repairs
  • Preservation (Hull, Decks, Interior)
  • Mechanical
  • Pipe Systems
  • Electrical & HVAC
  • Outfitting
  • Insulation & Joiner Work
  • Management & Support
  • Scheduled Vessel Maintenance
  • Inquire For Services Not Listed

Dry dock Neptune is undergoing minor structural modifications to be NAVSEA-certified for U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels while retaining its B.V. classification for commercial vessels.

Dry-docking Capacity
390 ft. x 57 ft. (2800 Long Ton) with 15 ft. over blocks.
Berthing: 3,790 ft. and 7 full service land bays

100’ x 30’, 120’ x 40’

Crane Barge
120’ x 40’

Multiple 125 Ton
110 Ton
100 Ton
70 Ton
Blast Rooms
60’ x 100’
25’ x 25’

Under Roof Facilities
90,000 Sq. Ft.

Marine Travel Lift
Capacity: 600 Metric Tons
Travel Lift Basin: Capable of vessels
up to 50’W x 200’L x 17’Draft
Seven (7) Land Bay

Alpha (413′)
Bravo (511′)
Charlie (492′)
Delta-1 (352′)
Delta-2 (500′)
Echo (600′)
Foxtrot (500′)

Current Dry Dock
57 X 390

Waterfront Wharf

*Neptune Dry Capacity: certifiable large dock rated for 13,000 Tons, ~500 ft. long, and 114 ft. between the wingwalls Expected 2023