Safety & Quality

Providing a Safe & Secure Environment

Safety is our number one priority

Fincantieri Marine Repair is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all our employees, customers and vendors.

FMR Safety Policy

Fincantieri Marine Repair prioritizes the safety and health of its workforce. All employees are responsible to adhere to the safety policies and conducting themselves accordingly.

Safety is a Core Company Value and a primary consideration in all aspects of our operations. All employees are empowered to STOP WORK anytime they believe a hazardous condition exists. Management will embrace employee input and immediately address their safety concerns. The primary focus and goals of the FMR Safety Culture are as follows: 

  • Preventing injury and illness by eliminating unsafe condition(s)
  • Controlling and reducing the risk by means of:
  • Provide methods and education on preserving and protecting the environment
  • Compliance with all Local, State, and Federal Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations
  • Continuous improvement to environmental, health, and safety practices, performance, and management

A Secure Facility

FMR’s experienced security staff executes access control and roving patrols to maintain and secure our facilities. Through strict adherence to security policies, we ensure all associated personnel, visitors and assets are safe while performing vital missions, maintenance, and repair in our shipyard.


Fincantieri Marine Repair strives for excellence in all that it does using customer requirements and continual improvements as a means of maximizing customer satisfaction.

FMR Core Values: Safety, Respect, and Trust.